DIY Upcycled Boucle Mirror- No Power Tools!

DIY Upcycled Boucle Mirror- No Power Tools!

Boucle, ahhh! I have been seeing this material everywhere and i totally love it! Its modern yet timeless, casual yet boujee and oh so cosy. When i seen this style of mirror i had to try some DIY for myself. Heres the full steps for how i created this mirror sustainably, with no power tools!

The Mirror

Wanting to stick to an up-cycle theme and keep the design sustainable as possible I found this mirror for FREE on facebook marketplace. Id definitely check it out to see what is in your area! This was just the size i was looking for. It had a small crack at the bottom but it didnt matter too much as i was going to cover it anyway.  

Time to get started! 


Take into account that the cardboard you use will need to be bigger than your mirror to account for the border. its better to use one big piece rather than trying to join bits together.

Full materials list I used at the bottom.


1. Measuring out the Cardboard Frame

As this was a big mirror I got my hands on, I was lucky enough to get some big cardboard too from a fridge delivery. I started by lying my mirror flat on the cardboard and drew its border. I also marked out where the crack was as I planned to cover this up with my border, by marking out points at the bottom and side then using a ruler to meet up lines forming a rectangle around the crack.

mirror upcyle measuring out borderdiy mirror upcycle making the border

2. Making the Template

Once you have a rough outline of your mirror on the cardboard its time to sketch out a border. This template will be stuck on the front of the mirror, so the inside line will have to come in further to cover and be able to stick to the mirror, and the outside line will have to go out further. I chose a wavy design for this project but you can do anything really. Also, remember that the cardboard within the inside line will be cut out completely. Its always better to draw a little to thick and cut away, rather than cutting out too much and not being able to salvage the cardboard if you're not sure.

wavy mirror border templatecutting out border template

Once you are happy with the template, it's time to cut away the extra cardboard. I used a scalpel knife to do this. It took a couple of times to go round due to the thickness of the cardboard but was an easy enough step.

3. Adding the Boucle

Ensure the fabric you plan to use is big enough to cover the whole template and extra to wrap around it. I found this boucle throw from BnM, which just fit and no more! I had to prep it first by taking the lining out so I was just left with the boucle fabric, making it easier to work with. I used a glue gun to stick this down, first by applying glue all the way round the border, then lying it flat on to the throw (I made sure this was flat with no creases before doing so).

diy boucle wall mirror

Wrapping the throw around the edges was a bit more time consuming. I wanted the material to be tight, and because of the wavy border, I had to do this in sections. I started on the outside and cut small 'slits' into the fabric and folding over the cardboard, sticking down with glue gun. Continue this step all around and then repeat for the inside, cutting off excess fabric as you go along.

4. Hanging the Mirror

Border completed, now let's move on to next step. As the cardboard frame hangs lower than the mirror, I decided to put mirror up on its own first. I ordered a special French cleat off Amazon to do this and support its heavy weight, where you attach one piece to wall and one to back of mirror and they slot into each other. (okay, so this part did require a power tool as I was drilling into a concrete wall!)

French cleat mirror hanging diy boucle

Then using superglue, I applied this directly on to the mirror, then carefully lined up my border and stuck directly on top. Once this felt secure I went around some of the curves and added more glue behind to make it extra secure.

And voila! An up-cycled trendy boucle mirror :) Cheaper, creative and still so stylish!

You have now completed the steps to diy boucle mirror. I really enjoyed this craft as it was hands on, simple and budget friendly. I hope you liked this simple tutorial and let us know if you give it a try! I'd love to see what you come up with. this project could also be done with smaller face mirrors and the border shape can change too!

Materials List

Large Cardboard


Boucle Blanket, I got one from BnM for £25

Glue Gun and Sticks, I already had this which I think is from Hobbycraft

Superglue, and liquid one will do

Wall Hanging, I used a French Cleat from Amazon


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