Commercial Stairwell and Boardroom Interior Renovation, Dalry

Take a look at our recent interior project completed for Core Timber Systems, based in Dalry.

The industrial site, situated in Dalry of North Ayrshire, already featured a modern entrance area which led to the warehouse out back, or upstairs to formal staff areas. The brief entailed delivering a design for the main stairwell and meeting boardroom, and although these were newly refurbed, what we started with was a blank canvas of white walls.

Our main design strategy focused heavily on the business branding and logo design, creating a strong design identity within the building. The main objective of this project was to utilise the blank wall space and high ceilings of the stairwell, while continuing a design flow into the boardroom.

Colour Block Technique in a deep blue

Custom Technical 3D wood frame.

During the initial site visit, it was hard to ignore the large workforce and their uniform of high vis tops. We played on this inspiration to design custom art prints for the boardroom, which overlooks the main warehouse.

Technical drawings for 3D Wood frame made by AFTA and built by CTS.

This project required In-Person Design service, and further on site work all carried out by AFTA.

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