The Gym Project- Irvine

The common room to local gym SBF has had a makeover!!

The gym situated in North Ayrshire ran and owned by Scott Brown, is a very popular place for athletes and gym goers to indulge in their passion for exercise. Over the years Scott has won many fitness events himself and has collected a vast amount of trophies and rewards for his credibilities.

We were to create a design in the gym common room, putting all these fantastic achievements on show and giving them a new home. Our canvas was blank and dull, but through design planning we transformed the space into a vibrant and welcoming area where Scott can look back at his achievements and the gym users can feel inspired to follow their own fitness dreams.

gym colour block red blue trophy wall

Final Wall Design featuring 4 categories of sport.

Blue- Functional Fitness

Red- Ultra's

Grey- Charity

Orange- Obstacle Course Racing

We initially drew a layout plan of all frames and trophies to scale so we could position them with ease. Frames have been hung and shelving added to display trophies in the Ultra category.

OCR Category. Features folded t-shirts in box frames and wall trophies.

Custom Art Prints made for framing.

Design Feature Closeup view 'Mountain Path' Skyline, symbolic of the Ultra courses and terrain routes my clients runs.



Final design boasts a vibrant and fully bespoke feature wall to the gym.

This project required a bespoke Service, and further on site work all carried out by AFTA.

Let us handle your project from end to end and we promise to create a space original to your work and one you will love. More details can be found on our services from the drop down menu on our homepage.

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