Our Story

Hello and welcome to AFTA. Heres a small section of the website where we can keep it real and casual! Im Ashley, the head interior designer, DIY enthusiast, craft lover, and figuring out all things business in-between!

Ashley Lawson AFTA interiors head designer

Im from North Ayrshire on the West Coast of Scotland and I absolutely love it here. I honestly don't think I will ever move... the beaches and sunsets are too pretty! (and obv-course I believe our dream homes are what we do to them for us not how they are as bricks and mortar)

My passion is anything creative and I have always been this way since school. When I left in 6th year I went on to study Interior Design and Architecture graduating with a BA Honours Degree, then went on to bag my first design job at a family run Kitchen company, based in Ayr. During the lockdown of 2020 I found myself bored (but with creative hands that can't sit idle) and started to learn new softwares on my iPad for digital art, and launched my own business formally known as Art From The Attic. This was primarily making digital art, selling on Etsy and generally just growing as a start-up.

Then in 2022, I put a small advertisement on my socials and website promoting that I was a fully qualified Interior Designer, and wallah I got my first client 🥳! Over time, and referrals for projects my experience and confidence has grown so much. I have since invested in a business mentor, attend regular networking events, connect with the likeminded creatives and have built a power team of reputable trades and builder network to help supply and install our projects to clients. Above all this, I have worked on my own self development which I believe it at the forefront of importance to running a business successfully. (im actually always banging on about this as I love it so much)

My interior design services include small commercial and residential projects, helping clients around Ayrshire and Glasgow to transform their spaces.

My ethos looks into how a space makes us feel, its function and including joyful design to the client through colour, decor or a unique one of a kind design feature.

I still enjoy my art, now selling from our print shop and offering custom canvas work, providing a valuable extra service to interior design offering in house artwork.


If you made it here, thanks for getting to know me. I hope you find what you are looking for on our website, and please do get int touch if there is anything I can help you with further.

Im so grateful to be following my passion and business and look forward to working with you on your next project!