Texture Canvas Art

Texture Canvas Art

Modern decor to fill you walls. This is a fun diy project to release your inner creative with a beautiful end result to style your home!

Full details here on how to create your own canvas art.

I created 2 for under £40!

All the materials should be pretty easy to find or something similar in local hardware shops and art stores. Ive made a reference to the ones that I used in this project at the bottom of this page.

Time to get started! You may want to have a look for some inspiration before you start, or just go full abstract. Remember there is no wrong design with this style of art, so just have fun with it and see what you can create. the possibilities are really endless!


Remember that the filler will start to dry up the more it is worked with and exposed to air, so don't leave it for long before scraping into shapes.

Take care when moving or touching the canvas it has dried as the filler will be delicate and flakey in some areas. It may also start to crack as it dries but this just adds to the effect of it.


I started by having a browse on Pinterest to choose my design. Personally i was making this art for my living room, so went with something I thought would match.

1. Applying the Filler

You can use the scraper or your hands to do this step. I personally found using my hands easier, following the technique firstly to push the filler into the canvas to create a base layer and spread it out evenly. Keep adding more filler to this and pressing down till it has all blended together. Your layer should be thick enough to carve out shapes in the next step. And don't worry if its not perfectly smooth, as we are going for the rough look!

2. Shape Cutting

To use the scraper, it's pretty simple, just hold at an angle and drag along the filler in different directions. i did this step first to the canvas.

To use the Trowel, hold it at an angle and drag slowly in the shape you want. I ended up repeating this step a few times to get what i was after (just smooth out again and repeat if you need to do this.)

Once you are happy with the end result, leave the filler to dry. I left mines overnight. 

3. Finishing Touches

If you are leaving the full canvas white, go ahead and give it a seal spray. 2 coats is enough, leaving around 15 minutes in between. Let it dry fully.

Or you can add some paint. I used an acrylic paint and had to do 2 coats, plus a 3rd on small cracks and porous area. Then seal. Let it dry fully.

I finished my canvas art by hanging in the living room using command strips, 4 on each. The canvass were really lightweight in the end but used 4 on each just to be safe, as i doubt they would survive a fall.

You have now completed the steps to canvas art. I really enjoyed this craft as it was hands on, simple and budget friendly. I hope you liked this simple tutorial and let us know if you give it a try! I'd love to see what you come up with.

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Materials List

1.Large Canvas ( x2 from the Range. £7.99 each )


2.Ready made filler, (XS Stock £2.49)


3.Scraper (XS Stock £1.99)


4. Notched Trowel (XS Stock £4.99)


5.Acrylic Paint (The Range £1)


6. Sealer Spray (around £10)



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