Zen Dressing Room

This design brings together functionality, creative colour solutions and sustainable decor ideas transforming the space into a tranquil sanctuary. When you enter the energy of the room is calm and positive, perfect to get ready in and holds a space to practice self love and gratitude.

What started as a room for storage, yet had so much potential. It just needed a bit of attention. The main function of this space was to be used as a dressing room. But i also wanted it to be a space where i could journal, meditate and work on myself. The floor space is small, and the room features a small window which being south facing does let in lots of natural light on a good scottish day! 


A simple floorplan. I already had the furniture- drawers and a desk which fitted in perfect to the long wall. Just as well, as this was the only place for them!


Zen Moodboard featuring colour and furniture selections

Colour Blocking

Dulux copper blush featured above. I created a half arch paint wall and circle, to represent a warm positive energy flowing in this space. This also creates a nice backdrop to the all white drawers.


Completed corner. Featuring small business items, hanging plants and yoga prints (find prints in my shop)!


I used this room as an opportunity to try my hand at up-cyling. Budget friendly and sustainable, it absolutely LOVE the decor featured and it adds to the environment i was trying to create perfectly!

Moon Phase Wall Decor

Boucle Mirror (can you believe i got this mirror for free on FB marketplace and made the border for it!)

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